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Dakota Arms Model 76 Safari 404 Dakota RH XXX English Walnut Stock

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Dakota Arms Safari 76 Rifle, 404 Dakota, Custom Shop - Factory New, Ordered to our specs Get the best options and a 100% custom Dakota rifle- without the 7 month wait. We choose the best XXX grade wood. ACTION - BLUEPRINTED DAKOTA 76 CLASSIC CHROMOLY,...

Remington 40-XB-R KS Repeater Tactical 308 22" Barrel

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Built on our world-famous Model 40-X action, the very same action that's dominated benchrest competitions since its creation in 1962, these rifles are handcrafted in the Remington Custom Shop to deliver the pinnacle of shot-to-shot consistency. The...

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Springfield 1911 45ACP TRP Pro Loaded, FBI Model

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Custom Loaded TRP-Pro Model 1911-A1 The Federal Bureau Of Investigation (FBI) has officially adopted Springfield Armory’s 1911-A1 pistol, beating a field of competitors that included some of the most famous gunsmiths and custom shops in America...

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