Eye & Ear Protection

3M Disposable Ear Plugs


Designed to fit most sizes of ear canals. Soft, energy absorbing foam is easy to insert and forms a comfortable seal against noise. Non irritating and washable. May be worn with an earmuff to provide the highest levels of protection. Noise reduction...

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3M Peltor Sport Bulls Eye Earmuff 27 dB Gray

$26.99 $21.49

Provides excellent noise reduction and features a low profile. Adjustable vented headband design reduces heat build and improves comfort when worn with caps and hats. Lightweight design for comfort and extended wear. Comfortable foam ear cushions...

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3M Peltor Tactical Earplug Kit Earplugs 30 dB Black

$502.22 $323.09

Helps provide hearing protection while improving situational awareness and communication. Small, lightweight and rechargeable. Charging contacts recharge the unit while in the case, using three AA alkaline batteries; USB port in case charges earplugs...