Barnes F60069 04500 Muzzleloader Alignment .45 Cal Brass


Bullet alignment is one of the most important steps to obtaining great accuracy in muzzleloading. Barnes MZ Aligner enhances the accuracy of these high performance muzzleloading bullets. Barnes' bullet aligner will align your bullet to the centerline of...

CVA Accura V2 Muzzleloader .50 Caliber 27" Fluted Stainless Steel Barrel Ambidextrous Composite Thumbhole Stock Realtree APG HD Camouflage Finish KonusPro 3-10x44mm Illuminated Reticle Scope Mounted with DuraSight Dean-On One-Piece mount and CVA padd

$774.73 $552.89

Stainless steel fluted Bergara Barrel with Bullet Guiding Muzzle. 1:28 twist rifling. QRBP - Quick Release Breech Plug. CurshZone Recoil Pad. Quake Claw Sling. Cocking Spur. Aluminum extendable loading rod. Drilled and Tapped for Scope Mounts. Composite...