Hunting Decoys

Flambeau Jakester Fantail Turkey Decoy


Because it has a realistic jake fantail in full strut printed on both sides of the poly vinyl body, toms will circle it looking for the head. Which means you're guaranteed a shot, no matter where you set up. The fan folds down for storage in a vest...

Foxpro Black Jack Decoy


Black Jack Decoy FOXPRO's BLACK JACK Predator Decoy offers unrivaled action that has never been offered at such an affordable price, with the same quality you expect from FOXPRO. The BLACK JACK comes standard with FOXPRO's Jack Topper which can be...

Mojo Baby Mallard Hen Decoy 6V Rechargeable Battery


The Baby MOJO Hen is approximately 78 percent size to scale of the MOJO Mallard and comes with a 6-volt rechargeable battery, charger, and everything you need to hunt. It has an external charging port allowing the hunter the option of charging the...

Mojo Critter Decoy 4 AA Batteries


The Mojo Critter predator decoy is light-weight, portable, simple and affordable. It has highly visible and tantalizing action using realistic prey-type fur that immediately attracts and holds predators' attention. Intermittent, cyclic action for added...

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Mojo Crow Decoy 6 AA Batteries


The Mojo Crow decoy uses the dual shaft, direct drive motor system, but now with more effective / user friendly features such as a built in 1 1/2 seconds on and 1 1/2 seconds off cycler and magnetic wings. The built in cycle with the on / off feature...

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Mojo Double Trouble Predator Decoy


Well known for its MOJO Duck decoy, MOJO Outdoors has introduced the Double Trouble Calling System, an all-digital, electronic game caller. Designed by predator hunting expert Byron South, the Double Trouble offers remote-controlled calling capable of...

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Mojo DOVE Decoy Stake


The all Mojo live action kit is the ultimate accessory to make your Mojo come alive. Dual pivoting action is obtained through a ball bearing mechanism that allow your decoy to rotate as well as move around the pole. Works with most Mojo products that...

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Mojo Dove Dove Decoy


Realistic, hard body molded plastic decoys that, unlike others on the market, are fitted with MOJO''s patented breast peg mounting system that also comes with a clothes pin adaptor allowing the mounting on just about any support, including limbs, wires,...

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Mojo Multi-Cycle Remote Control Rechargeable


The timing of the wing's flapping can be adjusted to 5 different settings. The remote will turn decoys on or off at a range off up to 350 feet. The unit operates on the same rechargeable battery that powers the decoy and comes pre-wired for easy...

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Mojo Pigeon Decoy 4AA Motion Grey


Pigeons are attracted to SWD s similar to, or more than doves and ducks. The Mojo Pigeon is a realistic simulation of a landing Wood Pigeon that features a realistic body with the standard Mojo Mounting Peg and direct drive motor with magnetically...

Mojo Super Mallard Decoy


The Super Mojo Mallard has all the great top quality features that serious hunters demand make it impossible to resist to passing waterfowl and even more convenient for the hunter. The Super Mojo Mallard features an all-aluminum construction folding wing...

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Mojo Voodoo Dove Decoy w/Support Pole, 4 AA Batteries


The Voodoo Dove decoy was redesigned by Mojo to feature a larger, more realistic body in the correct landing position. The wings are connected magnetically, so there are no thumb screws, and this decoy operates for up to 16 hours on four AA batteries...

Mojo Wind Dove Decoy w/Support Pole


Wind-driven spinning wing decoys are especially popular in areas where motorized decoys are not allowed. The Wind Dove by Mojo spins with the slightest wind and utilizes the popular patented breast peg. This decoy is realistic and effective, boasts Mojo...

On Time Tomahawk VL Feeder Timer Universal


The Tomahawk VL Timer utilizes robotic constructed electronics for reliability and ease of use. This unit can be easily programmed for up to 4 feedings a day. Each feed time is adjustable up to 20 seconds. Programming is made easy by 3 on screen prompts,...

Primos Gobbstopper Turkey Decoy


The Gobbstopper Decoy Combo offers incredible realism at an affordable price. These decoys in the Primos Gobbstopper Series, are custom designed with lifelike color and detail to fool even the leeriest of toms. These soft-sided decoys are lightweight and...

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Primos Ground Blind Stakes 4 pack


Ground Blind Stakes are made from high grade steel with a sharp point which will help break through tough ground. They come with a loop in the top to tie off your blind and a foot press that allows for easy installation. Set of 4.

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Primos Hunting Calls Chicken On A Stick

$47.95 $34.29

Get closer to aggressive toms than ever before. Strutting jake posture drives gobblers crazy. Perfect for decoying in stubborn field turkeys. Specially designed two-piece stake with integrated gun rest and action camera mount. Light-weight collapsible...

Primos Hunting Calls Gobstopper Jake Turkey Decoy

$42.45 $30.09

Ultra-realistic jake decoy. Taxidermy-quality look and detail. Designed to fire up dominant instincts in nearby gobblers. Look and posture of a submissive jake. Lightweight and collapsible decoy body - easy to carry.

Primos Hunting Calls SCAR Deer Decoy

$208.45 $148.29

All hunters know that if they could get their decoy to move it would be more realistic and put approaching deer at ease. Slightest breeze will move the head and tail naturally. Components: head, ears, antlers, and legs fit inside the soft body cavity...