Shooting Rests

Allen Filled Window Shooting Bag


Designed to fit over a window, a rear-view mirror frame, or a fence rail, the Filled Window Mount Gun Rest also features a non-slip bottom. The gun rest surface is low-slip textured PVC material, and the body of the bag is rugged 600D polyester fabric.

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Battenfeld Caldwell Lead Sled Solo

$119.99 $83.99

A smooth pivoting elevation system is controlled with a single knob making adjustments onto target fast and precise. The heavy duty steel construction provides a stable and solid shooting platform. Its unique offset frame is designed to accommodate all...

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Battenfeld Caldwell Rock Junior Front Rest

$49.99 $36.99

Many of the same features as The Rock, but in a sleeker and more economical package. For sighting-in, test firing, and informal competition, it's tough to beat a Rock Jr. Stable, 4 pound cast iron base. 5 pounds total weight. 3/4" diameter steel post...

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Battenfeld Caldwell The Lead Sled Rest, Dual Frame

$259.99 $246.19

The Caldwell lead sled practically eliminates recoil and reduces punishment to your shoulder up to 90% by trapping recoil energy in the frame of the rest. The lack of felt recoil while shooting also puts an end to flinching. Designed for all calibers but...

Battenfeld Technologies Tipton Compact Range Vise

$29.99 $26.69

Compact design making it easily carried yet fully functional. Collapses to 11.25 inches and fully expands to 17.75 inches. Six rubber feet provide a rigid, non-slip base. Two non-marring forks protect your gun's finish while holding them securely in...

Battenfeld Technologies Tipton Gun Butler

$29.99 $22.79

Great for storage organization and transportation of cleaning supplies. Non-marring cleaning forks hold gun securely. Molded in compartments for organization. Non-slip rubber feet. Durable and rigid solvent resistant polymer construction.

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Birchwood Casey Nest Rest Shooting Rest


The Nest Rest 2-Piece shooting rest are made of a soft rubber construction that protects your firearm and provides a non-skid grip that keeps the rest in place, shot after shot. The dimensions for the large rest is 6.6"H x 6"W x 5"D. The dimensions for...

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Caldwell 7-Rest Ambidextrous Shooting Rest


The 7-Rest is a truly innovative shooting accessory that utilizes a unique design to deliver exceptional versatility and true value. The asymmetric frame provides great stability while maximizing length adjustability. By simply loosening the lock knob,...

Caldwell DeadShot Tripod 20-48" Aluminum


Lightweight aluminum construction, weighs 6.5 pounds. Quickly collapses for transport. Adjusts from 20 inches high up to 48 inches high. Pivots up/down and rotates left/right for quick target acquisition. Independent leg adjustments for quick leveling...

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Caldwell Lead Sled Plus

$159.99 $151.59

The Lead Sled Plus reduces recoil by up to 95% while securely holding your gun on target. Key improvements include a newly designed precision elevation shaft that eliminates wobble and play in front elevation keeping you perfectly on target and a new...

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Caldwell Matrix Gun Rest

$59.99 $43.49

The highly versatile Matrix combines great new features and rock solid stability in an affordable rest. Central to the design is the innovative, ultra rigid U-channel frame, quickly adjusting in length for the perfect fit with any gun while remaining...

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Champion Targets Enhanced Rifle Rest

$149.45 $99.79

High-grade rest for steady, repeatable performance. Durable cast aluminum and steel tube construction. Compatible with most magazine-fed rifles. Ambidextrous design. Rapid elevation adjustment up to 2.25 inches. Ergonomic rapid-adjust elevation wheel...

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